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Grand-Format Digital Printing File Setup Guidelines
Digital Output

All jobs should be accompanied by a HARD COPY or low resolution PDF digital proof.
All projects must be supplied with all support files and fonts.
Send only back up copies of files.
Set up your document in proportion to your FINAL output size.
Disks should contain only the files which are required to complete the project..
Let the document edges be your crop. Do not make your own crop marks. We will set up crop marks if your file require them.
Indicate any PMS colors to be matched in the document and on the hard copy.

Image Resolution:

We recommend designing your large format document at actual size with a resolution of 125 dpi. If necessary, you can design your document at a smaller size as long as it remains to scale and the resolution (dpi) is proportionately larger. For example, a 24"x36" poster could be designed at a reduced scale of:
24"x36" (100% size) with a minimum resolution of 125 dpi.
12"x18" (1/2 final size) with a minimum resolution of 250 dpi.
8"x12" (1/3 final size) with a minimum resolution of 375 dpi.
6"x9" (1/4 final size) with a minimum resolution of 500 dpi.

Color Mode: CMYK (Raster Photoshop Specs)
Resolution: @ full size: 72-250DPI* (resolution requirements vary depending on production output)
File Format: Binary EPS (for linked files not ASCII)
Flattened TIFF or EPS(for files printed directly from Photoshop)
If you have worked on a layered version of your raster image, we request the layered PSD or TIF be sent along with any flat version you may be linking to.
Delete extra layers and channels
Images should NOT be embedded within the layout program; they MUST be linked.

Spot Color:

Unlike presswork, our Grand Format & Photo Image output devices do not run actual Pantone inks. Colors designated as Pantone match will be matched to the nearest process equivalents. Due to the PMS to process conversion, we are not able to match ALL PMS colors. If you have a specific color critical Pantone or spot color we can either supply a color test print/color chart (for a minimal fee)

File formats:

Color Mode: CMYK
Photoshop: TIF, EPS, PSD
Illustrator: EPS, PDF, AI (fonts converted to outlines)
Freehand: EPS (fonts converted to curves)
InDesign: PDF (provide high resolution PDF files)
We request files be provided with all needed fonts and links also provided.
Files from OTHER applications may be supplied as EPS / PDF files. We we will be unable to alter the files content, file will have to print as provided.


Provide a complete set of each font used; i.e, if postscript fonts are used both screen and printer fonts are needed. In addition to fonts used within the final layout, all fonts used within imported images are also required. this includes fonts used in layered photoshop files. We prefer that you convert all fonts to outlines this will eliminate conflicts.


PDF electronic proofs will be provided on every project. Please calculate a couple days into your production timeline to allow for this vital set in our production flow. We can also provide a hard copy proof at an additional extra fee.


Whenever possible, do not embed images. Use "insert as picture" or "place" commands in your application. Avoid using low resolution images, especially ones taken from the internet. Pro-Screen cannot guarantee quality output when low resolution images are used.

Additional Charges:
Client requested color and layout changes are available. Jobs with incomplete or inaccurate elements may require extra work. Customer will be notified and given a quote.

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